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BIS Business Integrated Services globalization

The success story of BIS Software Company’s globalization, powered by the strategic consulting services of Orange Camp, stands as a testament to the importance of expert guidance in navigating the complexities of international expansion. Today, BIS Software Company is not just a regional leader but a formidable global player, continuing to innovate and grow in the international arena.

Success Story...

Talentate B.V. started in Rotterdam with Orange Camp

Talentate B.V. has landed in Rotterdam with Orange Camp. With all inclusive Orange Camp services, HRPeak (from Istanbul YTU Teknopark, known as Eksedra A.S.) has started global business in The Netherlands.

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Amsterdam B2B Business Camps

Orange Camp on Tour


  • Turkiye Innovation Week
  • IT Summit
  • Mess Technology Center
  • Turkish Telecom Sales Meetup
  • Google Compro Piri Reis University
TIW 2023 Refik Tuncer Speaker
Turkiye Innovation Week
piri reis uni
Istanbul Piri Reis University
Orange Camp on Tour


Orange Camp on Tour 2024 Ankara

  • Bilkent Cyberpark
  • Ankara Tekmer
  • Technopark Ankara
  • Gazi Teknopark
  • Ostim Teknopark
Ankara Bilkent Cyberpark
gazi tp
Ankara Gazi Technopark
tp ankara
Teknopark Ankara
ostim tp
Ankara Ostim Teknopark
ankara tekmer post
Ankara Tekmer
Orange Camp on Tour


Orange Camp on Tour Izmir

  • Ege Technopark
  • Izmir Science Park
  • Yasar University / Minerva
  • Izmir Karsiyaka Tekmer
  • Izmir Karsiyaka kolektif
  • Start in Izmir
Yasar Universitesi / Minerva
Karsiyaka Tekmer
Izmir Karsiyaka Tekmer
Karsiyaka Kolektif
Izmir Karsiyaka Kolektif
izmir bilimpark
Izmir Bilimpark
ege teknopark
Ege Teknopark
start in izmir
Start in Izmir
Success Story...

BiCockpit B.V. in Amsterdam with Orange Camp

BiCockpit B.V. has landed in Amsterdam with Orange Camp. With all inclusive Orange Camp services, Birfatura (from Ankara) has started global business in The Netherlands.

Success Story...

Datacosa by Bilisim goes global with Orange Camp

Datacosa (by Bilisim ). go global with consulting and coaching services with Orange Camp. With all inclusive Orange Camp services, Bilisim has started global business operations for EU and MEA.

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Master Classes

We organize results-oriented, proven and unique master classes for managers and employees.

Marketing Master Class (1) Marketing
High level marketing strategy design for technology companies...
  • Orange Camp
  • 4 hrs
Sales Master Class (1) Sales Management
Sales team management for technology managers...
  • Orange Camp
  • 4 hrs
Copy of Sales Master Class Partnership, Partner Management
Partnership Program Design
  • Orange Camp
  • 4 hrs
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